Gnat Infestation – Zap them Gnats

It can be difficult to get rid of a Gnat Infestation if there is one in the house. After all, there are many different species of gnat, which can require a different approach or a different type of pesticide.

However, there are something’s you can do to deal with all species of gnat. If you want to know how to get rid of gnats, no matter what the species is, then read on.

Gnats (Diptera) are flying insects, which are often found near sources of water. They can be found in large clouds, often at dusk. These mating clouds are known as ghosts. They can be made up of hundreds of gnats.

Gnat Infestation

The first thing to do to get rid of a gnat infestation is to remove the food source. Like most other insects, gnats feed on the food scraps people leave out in the open. Remove the food and the gnats will likely move on.
Thoroughly clean the kitchen and dining room, and dispose of any leftovers straight away. This will reduce the chance of a gnat infestation taking root in the first place, and will help deal with one that is in place.

When you store food, do so in an airtight container. Food that is out in the open attracts gnats and other pests.

Also, make sure that all your bins are covered. Whether they are in the house or outside, an open bin can attract a gnat infestation.

Covering the bin is removing another food source for gnats, and making it less likely that they will invade your home.

However, getting rid of gnats and how to stop gnats appearing in the first place are very different questions. If you want to get rid of gnats that have already invaded the home, you should create a home made trap.

Gnats are extremely attracted to the scent of vinegar, and this can be used against them. Simply fill a jar with vinegar and poke some holes in the lid.

Place the jar where the gnats are usually found. This is likely to be in your kitchen. The gnats will fly into the jar, but will be unable to leave again. You can then dispose of the jar and the gnats.

Of course, if that still does not get rid of gnats, then you can try a pesticide spray. These are available from most home wear retailers. All you have to do is spray where you find the bugs and the pesticide will kill any gnats or other insects.

If you are still dealing with a gnat infestation after trying all this, you may be thinking “How can I get rid of these gnats? It’s impossible!”

However, there are still steps you can take, though some may be more extreme than you would like.

First, contact a professional pest controller. They will know exactly how to get rid of gnats, and may have access to more powerful pesticides than those for sale in most stores.

They can also fumigate your home to deal with any lingering gnats. Of course, this may require you to move out for a few days, so may not be the most convenient solution.

Some species of gnat are aquatic and if these are the type that you find in your home, you can get rid of them by removing water sources. So if you have a pond in the garden, fill it in and aquatic gnats will move on.

Gnats also often feed on plants, so a well stocked garden can be a breeding ground from them. If you replace your garden with decking or paving stones, the gnats will leave.

Of course, it is unlikely you will want to completely redesign your garden to get rid of a few insects.

Instead, you should invest in a proper pesticide spray and, if this does not work, then consult the professionals.

Even though this can be quite costly, and could result in the inconvenience of having your home fumigated to deal with a large scale gnat infestation, it will be a lot less costly and inconvenient than destroying your garden pond or plants.